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Massie is a singer/ songwriter from Sacramento, CA. Hailing from a diverse background of musical endeavors, she is gifted with a wide vocal range, from smooth airy melodies to driving edgy choruses. Since she was 10 years of age, she has been writing her own songs in relation to life events and emotion. With her talents, she hopes to impact individuals of all ages, likeness and personality. Pursuing music as a career, Massie also pursues a connection and relationship with those who support her. Throughout her music journey she has worked with Earl Cohen, a Grammy award winning producer in New York, also recognized for his work with Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga, and other artists. In addition to working with Earl, she has also worked with Brian Grider and Misha Hercules, both based in Los Angeles. From New York to Los Angeles, Massie hopes to expand her range of producers, co-writers and collaborations in the future.

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