Mama Don't Cry

A few months prior to the Route 91 shooting, I had received a call that one of my family friends, Alexis Jenkins, had passed away. She was an only child and seeing her parents grief was heartbreaking. When I learned about the shooting, my manager had told me his close friend, Chelsea Romo, had been shot in the eye. I could not imagine the uncertainty of her survival and the pain her mom and family must have been experiencing. That feeling extended to every family who lost, or were in fear of losing a loved one. Thinking about how my mom would feel if it were me was devastating. Sitting down to write this song, I decided I wanted to create a way of providing some comfort and peace to those who had lost a child, sibling, parent, friend or significant other. Mama Don’t Cry came so easily to me, knowing what I would want my own mother to hear from me if I were gone. I then decided to create a visual to not only honor those who were lost but to bring hope to their families and loved ones.